About Us


Why Is The Company Named Trap House Soap?

I have lots of reasons for naming my company Trap House Soap. Trap House Soap was inspired by Rappers, Hustlers, and my Aunt Traci (a big truck driving, soap making foo). 

  1. LOL...... Real talk I'm trying to move soap like Dope,
  2. I want to turn a negative into a positive,
  3. It’s so good you could get hooked, 
  4. The soap Traps moisture into the skin, it’s made in a house, and its soap.

Why Choose Trap House Soap?

It's the Shit!!!  When you buy Trap House Soap, you are buying high quality soap that is good for your skin. As a child, I suffered from eczema.  It went away, but I continued to have dry itchy skin. Trap House soap has worked wonders for my skin. My skin is now soft, and never feels stripped. 

Do The Soaps have Drugs in them?

Hell NO!!!   I'm not trying to get locked up. All the ingredients are listed on the site. 

Meet The Soap Dealer 

Kara Douglas Owner/ Director of Operations, Designer, Accountant, Customer Service, and everything in between


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Photos of soap taken by the creative Yung Al follow him